stephanie-hinderer-2Owner and Creative Director Stephanie Hinderer began Printish LLC after a decade designing publications. Her work has ranged from newspaper covers reaching 1 million people daily to travel books and author websites.

Stephanie fell in love with print design in college when she spent many late nights working on her college newspaper. After graduating and getting her first newspaper design job, Stephanie quickly moved up the ranks and within a few years was named the national art director for a New York City-based newspaper publishing daily editions in three major cities.

In 2010, Stephanie started Red Letter Paper Company, an online greeting card boutique where she wrote and designed more than 100 cards and gained first-hand knowledge about creating a cohesive brand across multiple platforms.

Although Stephanie is and will always be a print lover, she also sees the value and necessity of transitioning some of those projects into digital formats. It is, after all, much easier to travel with and store a small e-reader rather than stacks of books.

So whether you’re an author looking to bring your book to life, an organization wanting to redesign and update your newsletter, or anyone with a print-ish project in mind, you’re in the right place.

When she’s not designing, Stephanie can be found at or on Lake Union, watching cute dogs on Instagram, or appreciating the fine sensibilities of Ben & Jerry.