Does this sound like you?

You’re writing or creating a book, and now comes the scariest part: handing your baby over to someone else to design it. Not only do you want her to understand what your book means to you, but also you want her to be able to make something your reader will love and that somehow just feels right for your work.

You are or are considering publishing a magazine. You’ve spent countless hours on and poured your heart into your publication. Now you’re wondering how you can ever find someone to design it who can take your heart work and communicate it visually while making it look irresistible at the same time.

You need to start or have a current print newsletter that you’re afraid makes people cringe with its cliche clip art, dated look, and should-be-banned fonts. You know what you have to share is important, so you don’t want it to get glossed over and ignored, tossed in the recycling bin before anyone ever reads it.


We hear you.

And we get it. We know your work is important to you, so it’s important to us too. We feed off your googly-eyed passion for your project and it makes us excited to design something not only you’ll love, but also that your readers will love, by taking cues from your story, your audience, your mission, and you to create a platform for your work to shine both in print and online. We want you to be happy, and we like making awesome things, so let’s combine our powers for good. Plus we’ve got years of experience and lots of happy clients, so you’re in good hands.



What we can do

Book covers    ||    Complex books    ||    Websites    ||    eBooks    ||    Newsletters

Lookbooks   ||    Magazines    ||    Catalogs    ||    Photo selection & prep

Branding    ||    Brochures    ||    Business cards    ||   Logos    ||    And more


What to expect

You’ll work directly with Printish owner and creative director Stephanie Hinderer, who has more than a decade of publication design experience, including high-visibility work seen by more than 1 million people daily. Between traditional jobs, freelancing, and running her own businesses (this one’s her second), she’s gained a wealth of knowledge about publishing a variety of projects, using visuals to grab attention, building and maintaining a brand, and taking cues from content and its creators to build designs that elevate both. Her work has been featured by Real Simple, Mashable, Newseum, Time, and lots more.



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