‘What If I Don’t Like It?’ 3 Ways to Make Sure You’ll Be Happy With a Design

One concern people often express when we’re talking about graphic design is that they might not like what the designer comes up with. Well, good news: There are a few ways you can prevent that from ever happening.

Here are three things you can do to make sure you’re not going to wind up with a design you don’t like:

Look for someone who uses a flat rate instead of an hourly rate.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with an hourly rate, but it can drive up the price of working with a designer if you keep having to go back to the drawing board. When I do a project, though, I quote a flat project rate, which means even if we have to start over or keep tweaking, the investment is the same either way so you can keep tabs on your expenses.

Do your research.

You probably have a vague idea of what you want and need, so look around! Make sure the designer you’re considering has work that you like or that you think will appeal to your audience. (Keep in mind that you’re checking out the overall look, feel and style of the designer’s work. Just because someone hasn’t done exactly the same kind of project before doesn’t mean they can’t do it; designers are flexible and we love a challenge.) Also look for testimonials from past clients and see what they have to say about working with that person.

Communicate, communicate, communicate.

The more you can tell your designer about you, your project, and your audience, the better feel she’s going to have for the design and the closer you can get to perfect on the first try. Then, if it’s not quite right in the first round, communication is important going into revisions. Since phrases like “make it pop” mean many different things to many different people — making it difficult to determine what exactly that means to you — try to be as specific as you can with your thoughts.

I hope these three tips can help give you peace of mind when you’re choosing someone to work with. What other questions or concerns are on your mind when you’re looking for a designer? Leave a comment below!

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